These are opportunities for getting women together to fellowship and build relationships. Activities can range anywhere from large group events such as renewal conference, concerts, or special ladies events to smaller events like craft-n-chats, scrapbooking & card making, coloring nights or whatever would be of interest to our ladies. These are not limited to just previously done activities. Your creativity is welcomed. We encourage women to invite new women in the church to these events.  
Join our BOOK CLUB!

Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth !!!! 

First Meeting is Tuesday August 22nd at 7 pm 
First Meeting is at Lindsay Brown's home - 109 E Graceland Hts Dr - Hagerstown.

 A brief about the book ..... Women living out the gospel and training younger women to do the same is vital. It's how we all thrive how we are adorned, and how we adorn the gospel....together.
I'm so excited for this new book we have a lot of exciting annocements to be made revolving around Adorned! There will be a sign-up sheet and/or comment on our Facebook group page and I will add you for Adorned

There is no pre-order of the books so please order your own.
If you have Amazon Prime that is the cheapest price we have seen so far for around $13. 

Please let Lindsay know if you plan on participating


Lindsay Brown , Coordinator